9/11: In Honor and Memory

There are so many things we can say about that horrific day ten years ago. Thousands lost their lives and millions were devastated with one gruesome, hateful act. It has forever effected our lives.  When our children ask us questions, and we see the shock and sadness on their faces as they hear what happened,  we are reminded.  It truly is so sad.  Sad there can be so much hate to innocently kill and damage.  Today we want to honor those who died, lost, donated, fought, cleaned, soothed, healed, and rebuilt. We want to “never forget” what hate looks like.  Never forget that we are a resilient nation.  Never forget that feeling when we came together for a moment in our history and were united as one.  Never forget when we hugged each other more, helped strangers more, and showed everyone else what LOVE really looks like.

In memory of Mary Yolanda Dowling, World Trade Center, Tower 2, 90th floor

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